Injured Workers of Wellington & Dufferin Counties
Surviving the WSIB


Learn how to apply for and get much needed help
through the varrious social programs available to you,
while you await the deicisons of the WSIB, the WSIAT, or the OHRT!

When workers suffer workplace injurries they become solely depended on benefits from the WSIB and possibly accommodations from their employer.

Over the more than twenty years, the WSIB and employers have used a method of
financial starvation to save money!

This is where injured workers are forced into submission, or worst yet, just give-up. While some WSIB decisions and appeal decisions of the WSIB, the WSIAT, and/or the OHRT can take years or even decades, here we show you how to survive, while awaiting those decisions.

This is done by utilizing the vast social programs available to you. Some are commonly known as welfare (OW/ODSP), while many others are what is generally called equalization subsidies. These are programs that assist low income individuals and families to better manage in society. If a program is missing from the list, that you are aware of, please send us the information by e-mail to us at and we will add it to the list, to help others!

Programs have been placed in categories based on injured worker needs:

1. Free Representation Services
2. Foodbanks
3. Income Replacement Financial Assistance Programs
4. Student Financial Assistance Programs
5. Housing Assistance Programs
6. Other Financial Assistance Programs

If you know of any other assistance programs, please feel free to send an e-mail to


WSIB - Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (Ontario's Workers Compensation Board)
WSIAT - Workplace Safety & Insurance Appeals Tribunal (Ontario's WCB Tribunal)
OHRT - Ontario Human Rights Tribunal
OWA – Office of the Workers Advisor
IAVGO – Industrial Accidents Victims Group of Ontario
IWC - Injured Worker Consultants
ONIWG – Ontario Network of Injured Workers
OSAP - Ontario Student Assitance Program
HRDC – Human Resources Development Canada

Free Representation Services for
Injured Workers of Wellington & Dufferin Counties

It is extremely important to remember that if you wish to appeal a decision of the WSIB
to the WSIB Appeals Branch, or to the WSIAT,
there are time limits to nothify them of your intent to appeal a decision!

In order to meet the time limits just notify the WSIB and/or the WSIAT of your intent to appeal.
This can be done by completing a simple form "intent to object"
and send it to the WSIB Appeals Branch or to the WSIAT, in order to meet your time limit.

Injured Worders of Wellington & Dufferin Counties - IWWDC

Our group is working towards providing free legal support services to injured workers in our area.
However, we pressently do not have the resources yet to do this, but we hope this will changes in the near future.


If you are a member of a union, then contact your union representative, as they have a legal obligation to represent you at every stage of the WSIB/WSIAT decision process.

Legal Aid Ontario

Pressently Legal Aid Ontario does not provide legal aid certificates to injured workers for WSIB and/or WSIAT matters. However, Legal Aid Ontario does provide limited support throguh its many Legal Aid clinics.
to find out if you have a Legal Aid clinic in your area go to the following website

Residents of Dufferin County:
You should know that if you reside in the Dufferin county are, currently there is no legal aid clinic, within the county.
The nearest Legal Aid clinic is located in Brampton North Peel & Dufferin Community Legal Services Pressently this clinic does not handle workers compensation matters. However, if things change please let us know, so we can update this page!
If you wish to know why there is no legal aid clinic anywhere in Duferin County that would be a GREAT question best put to the local MPP, the Honourable Sylvia Jones. Their contact information can be found on our MP & MPPs page.

Residents of Wellington County:
You should know there is a local legal aid clinic located in Guelph which is the Legal Clinic of Guelph and Wellington County
However, the clinic does not currently provide legal services to injured workers. This is likely due to the massive cuts to Legal Aid Ontario. If you are concerned about this, then you should mention it to your local MPP. Their contact information has been listed on our MPs and MPPs page here.

Ontario Legal Aid - Injured Worker Specialty Legal Aid Clinics

Industrial Accidents Victims Group of Ontario – IAVGO:
IAVGO is an independent nonprofit organization, which is partially funded by Legal Aid Ontario, as well as by private donations. They accept clients on a limited basis, but again it never hurts to ask them and see if they are able or can represent you.
They also provide a specialization in injured migrant workers
Tel: (416)924-6477
Tel: (877)230-6311 (Toll free in Ontario)
Tel: (866)521-8535 (Toll free in Canada for Migrant workers)
Fax: (416)924-2472
55 University Ave., 15th Floor
Toronto, ON M5J 2H7

Injured Workers' Consultants - IWC
815 Danforth Ave Suite 411
Toronto, ON M4J 1L2
Tel: (416) 461-2411
Fax: (416) 461-7138

Office of the Workers Advisor - OWA:

The office of the worker advisor is funded by the ‘insurance fund’. The Insurance fund is what is funded by employer premiums and is also used to pay injured workers their benefits. The OWA is a separate entity that works completely independent of the WSIB and the WSIAT. The OWA can have a waitlist in excess of two years or longer, but please do not let this deter you, as things may change at any time. Please contact the OWA directly for more information.

OWA Toronto Main Office
123 Edward Street, Suite 1300
Toronto, ON
M5G 1E2
Tel: (416) 325-8570
Tel: (800) 660-6769
Fax: (416) 325-4830

Waterloo office for residents of Wellington County
155 Frobisher Drive Unit G (213)
Waterloo, ON N2V 2E1
Tel: (519) 888-9063
Tel: (800)265-2466
Fax: (519) 883-5659

Mississauga Office likely for residents of Dufferin County
10 Kingsbridge Garden Circle Suite 512
Mississauga, ON L5R 3K6
Tel: (905) 568-2359
Tel: (800)387-8806 (for residents living in 705 & 519 area codes)
Tel: (800)267-3949 (For residents living in 905 area code)
Fax: (905) 568-1086


Foodbanks are places where individuals in low income situations can receive much need food supplies. If a foodbank is not close to you, or I have not included in this list please e-mail me and I will add it.
You are not alone, as 32% of persons who use foodbanks have a disability.

Ontario Association of Foodbanks
555 Richmond Street West, Suite 501
Toronto, ON, M5V 3B1

This page is still under construction so please check back later for updated information!