Injured Workers of
Wellington & Dufferin Counties
and those that support us!


Injured Workers of Wellington & Dufferin Counties - IWWDC

is a registered not for profit organization, with a mission of:

1. Supporting and advocating for local injured workers living in the Wellington & Dufferin Counties

2. Supporting and advocating for other local injured worker groups in Ontario

3.- Supporting and advocating for Ontario's provincal injured worker group
Ontario Network of Injured Workers - ONIWG

4. Supporting and advocating for Canada's national injured worker group
Canadian Injured Workers Alliance - CIWA

Would You Like to See More Free Legal Support Services
in Wellington & Dufferin Counties
for Injured Workers?

Pressently, injured workers in Wellington & Dufferin counties have to travel to Kitchener or Mississauga to obtain free legal services from the Office of the Worker Advisor - OWA.
There is a wait list for the OWA.
The only other option is for injured workers to travel to Toronto
for only one of two speciality clinics in all of Ontario. Who also have a waitlist.

The President of IWWDC, believes this is NOT right!
and is currently working with Legal Aid clinics, ONIWG executives and
others to consider having additional legal support services specifically
for injured workers of Wellington & Dufferin Counties.

One option is for IWWDC to provide these services directly or oversee the services
to be provided to local injured workers.

What IWWDC needs to make this happen!
A meeting between ONIWG executives, the MPP for Guelph, and the President of IWWDC recently occurred, but we need to have a meeting with all our areas MPPs
to secure more support from the Provincial government.
MPPs will generally not meet with anyone other than their local constituents.

If you want to help and live in the area of the following MPPs:
Ted Arnott (Wellington),
Randy Pettapiece (Wellington), and
Sylvia Jones (Dufferin).
then Please contact IWWDC by e-mail Injuredworkersofwdc@gmail.com
and help arrange a meeting with your MPP.

To learn more about our local MPPs you can check out our MPs and MPPs page here.

The more MPPs we have to help, the better chance we have to help our local injured workers!

Frontline workers MUST have
garanteed coverage for workers compensation benefits,
when they contract COVID-19

There are two ways you can help frontline workers,
aside from just saying Thank you:

First, send a message to Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario and
Tom Teahan, President of the WSIB

ONIWG has created a preformated message,
which can be easily sent on your behalf
click here for more

Second, sign, share, and spread the word about,
the online petition
to be sent to the WSIB, the Minsitry of Labour, and
Premier Doug Ford.

You can find the online petititon by clicking here